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Vault DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization designed to engineer a vibrant ecosystem surrounding GODL token. It embraces blockchain technology and the principles of DeFi to establish a governance model through the VAULT token, fostering active engagement from the community and distributing power to its members. VAULT tokens are the lifeblood of the DAO's governance, bequeathing holders with voting rights and decision-making authority within Vault DAO. 

Project Overview

GOLD-The Stable Foundation The GODL token, a deflationary stable token, is intrinsically pegged to PAX Gold. It supports a reserve back redeemability feature that assures a reliable store of value. This setup lends GODL its 100% liquidity, making it a dependable cornerstone in the Vault DAO ecosystem.

 VAULT-The Power of Governance VAULT, emerges as the governance token, empowering its holders to exercise influence over the operations of the DAO. The token will be distributed through various means, such as rewards for providing liquidity, involvement in community initiatives, and more. 

Vault Initiative Papers (VIPs): Vault Initiative Papers, or VIPs, embody the key to democratic decision-making within the Vault DAO ecosystem. The importance of these initiative proposals stems from their ability to lay out a comprehensive blueprint for potential initiatives while encouraging active participation and transparency within the DAO community. 

VAULT DAO - Project Features 


VIP management

The platform provides a structured system for Vault Initiative Papers (VIPs) management. This includes a VIP review module to read, review, and comment on submitted VIPs, with advanced search capabilities to locate VIPs based on specific criteria. 

Community engagement 

The platform includes a dedicated forum/chat module for users to discuss VIPs, share ideas, and collaborate on potential initiatives. 

GODL network

An integral part of the GODL ecosystem is GODL Ambassador Influencer Network. This network forms the community, offering a unique affiliate program that rewards its members for bringing in new participants.

Voting System

The platform integrates a third-party voting system such as Aragon Govern, providing a secure and transparent platform for voting on VIPs. 

VAULT token management

The platform includes a token acquisition module and a token liquidation module to facilitate the acquisition and liquidation of VAULT tokens ensuring users can seamlessly buy and sell their VAULT tokens directly on the platform or through third-party exchange

Invite your friends

This feature provides users with a unique referral link. By sharing this link, users can refer their friends to the GODL website and earn rewards for promoting.

Tech Stack

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