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Gamerse - NFT Marketplace and Staking Platform

Gamerse is the LFG (“Looking For Groups”) platform for the entire NFT gaming industry. It is creating the first-ever NFT Gaming Social Ecosystem allowing gamers to explore popular NFT games aggregated and brought together in a single social marketplace. 

Project Overview

 The Gamerse social Marketplace is the dedicated NFT marketplace listing all NFTs for sale. Users can shop cross-platform and cross-chain. 

Gamerse Staking Platform offers higher returns and NFT rewards on staking LP tokens.

Gamerse NFT Marketplace - Project Features



Gamerse marketplace is a multi-chain platform.

Sell / Buy / Swap / Auction

Users can create collections and mint NFTs. They can buy, sell, put NFTs on Auction and swap with other NFTs on Gamerse marketplace. 

Admin / User Dashboard

Admin can add partners, check and approve notification requests and add multiple blockchains. Admin can also see user, partner and NFT analytics.


Users can interact with their NFTs using the dashboard having different sections for collectibles. Gamerse partners have extended functionality on the same user dashboard.

Social Media 

Gamerse aims to aggregate and display all the popular NFT Gaming marketplaces on one social platform and support cross-chain compatibility.

NFT Promotion

With web analytics at place, users can advertise their NFT collections or Brands to gather a bigger market outreach.

Article & Blogs

Gamerse has an interesting feature where verified partners can publish their Articles and Blogs on the marketplace. 

Gamerse Staking Platform - Project Features

User Whitelisting

Whitelisted Users get privileged access throughout the Gamerse ecosystem.

LP Staking and High Yields

Gamerse offers Staking / LP rewards with higher returns on their investment.

Admin Portal

Admin can add multiple pools, make the App user interface dynamic, and add multiple blockchains and multiple wallets.  

Claim Rewards and Unlock Avatars

According to the Staking tier, Users are rewarded with rare, Epic, and Legendary NFTs. 

Multi-Chain Platform

Users have both options to stake LFG tokens on Binance and Polygon pool.  

DDos Security

Cloudflare DDoS protection for bot management and protect assets from cyber threats. 

Tech Stack

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