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All-Inclusive Cross-Chain
Defi Protocol

The Spherium ecosystem stands on the shoulders of Defi's predecessors and provides the best solutions for problems faced by traditional finance by offering a transparent, decentralized, cross-chain, and user-friendly one-stop platform.

Project Overview

A decentralized digital platform that features a variety of DeFi services, such as a Wallet, Token swap, Multichain bridge, and Money markets.

Spherium Finance is a platform that helps manage investments with low risk and maximum returns. It has features from a single platform with multi-asset, cross-chain swaps, and crypto financing solutions, as well as cross-chain operability.

Project Features

MultiChain Bridge

HyperBridge is a platform that lets users exchange tokens between different blockchains. It provides a way for people to easily interact with each other and bridge tokens between different blockchains. 

Staking Platform

HyperStake is A Multi-Chain Staking protocol built to cater a diverse set of stakeholders.

Multichain Wallet

A chain agnostic mobile wallet to streamline asset distribution across chains.

Lending Platform

HyperLend is a decentralized multichain money market where supply and demand determine the interest rate on digital assets.

Decentralized Exchange

HyperSwap is the most simple solution to trade, swap & manage digital asset portfolios across mainstream EVM-compatible chains.

Multichain Incubation

Spherium’s native multi-chain program to facilitate cross-chain integration for any token yielding project.

Tech Stack

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