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Smart Contract Development

Developing a smart contract comes up with big responsibility.
We care for your application's safety and scalability. 
Hire the best smart contract developers from one of the top blockchain companies in the world.


Our Smart Contract
Development Services


Decentralized Exchanges
Smart Contracts

We develop customizable and upgradable smart contracts for DEX. These contracts are capable of performing business logic with automation and security.


Decentralized Application (dApp)
Smart Contarcts

Our Solidity experts are skilled in writing complex logic for decentralized applications. A few examples include Staking Applications, NFT Marketplaces, Lending Borrowing platforms, and Cross-Chain Bridges.

Smart Contracts

When it comes to solidity, our team is well equipped with the latest trends, EIP standards, and production vulnerabilities.

Smart Contract
Arhitecture & Optimisation

​Our expert team maintains a clean workflow and follows the best smart contract architecture practices by ensuring there are no programming bugs. Our smart contracts are fully optimized with the best coding practices to make them optimized and gas efficient.


Hyperledger Smart Contracts

We develop smart contracts for Hyperledger in the financial, health care, supply chain, and many other industries.

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DeFi Smart Contracts

Our USP is developing DeFi platform and we have deployed many smart contracts for renowned projects in the DeFi sector.  

Why Choose Us?


We follow Agile methedology to ensure 100% transparency with our clients.


We perform manual and automatic testing (unit, integration and system testing) before the contracts are deployed live.


Smart Contracts are built considering all the security parameters making them super healthy for contract audits.


USquare has deployed all the smart contracts with 100% accuracy. 


We have the expert team with rich experience to write and execute the smart contract code faster.


Following the best practices,
our smart contracts are fully optimized to save transaction fees.

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